Penang’s floating mosque

THE beautiful Masjid Terapung is the first ‘floating mosque’ in Malaysia to be built on the sea. It is situated in the Straits of Malacca near the sun-kissed island shore of Penang’s Tanjung Bungah suburb.

floating mosque penang malaysia
Floating mosque in Penang

Prompted to rebuild near the site of an old mosque but stymied by rising real estate values on the popular stretch to the tourist beach of Batu Ferringhi, the developers decided it would be more cost effective to build over water. Construction was completed in 2004. The Moorish-designed building with a 7-storey minaret can accommodate 1500 worshippers. Muslim and non-Muslim visitors are welcome, but obtain courtesy permission to enter from the mosque officials on site.


  1. Special memories – loved Penang. Allthough, I do recall being reprimanded for bathing my feet in the Straits if Malacca…😱

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