Majestic lions of the Central Kalahari

Central Kalahari Lions

Calling him the king of the jungle does not match the majesty of seeing this magnificent carnivore in his natural environment. And you won’t find him in the jungle! astonishedXpression recorded this image of Panthera leo and his mate in one of the remotest parts of the world – the dusty and sparse savannah of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in central Botswana. The searing sun was setting on a scorching desert day, the grasslands brittle-dry in the fading light. A ripple of excitement went through the convoy as we caught our first glimpse of the breeding pair, in silent post-coital repose. Confident in their supremacy of the African veld but nonetheless curious about these interlopers, they followed our every move with icy, emotionless eyes. We watched in awe as nature unhurriedly, almost imperceptibly, settled its drape over the subjects of our admiration.

One comment

  1. The Central Kalahari is one of my favourite African destinations. We have been fortunate to travel there at different times of the year and during different seasons. Thus we have been awed by water clogged savannahs and salt pans, dry-to-the-bone savannahs and salt pans, green and gold grasslands, an abundance of game and other wild life, with more cats than I have ever seen in one trip, to sparse wildlife with the absolute joy and exhilaration of happening upon just one pair of lions, as appears in the posted photo.

    As the seasons change so does the landscape – perceptibly. It is an amazing place to visit!

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