5 Cruise Destinations You Won’t Want to Skip

A relaxing cruise is a perfect option when it comes to planning a no-fuss vacation. Why worry about the stress of changing hotels, lugging around suitcases, and dealing with building an itinerary? Many of today’s travelers don’t realize that cruises can offer so much more than sandy beaches and fruity drinks. Cruises can take you to the most exotic corners of the world without ever changing hotels.

Sun rising over ocean
Forget what you have heard about cruises and take a few minutes to consider these life-changing cruise destinations.

Alaska – Sandy beaches and hot sun might not be the right vacation for everyone. For those who are hunting down a true adventure, Alaska is the place to cruise. Alaska is home to some of the most majestic animals and breathtaking landscapes in the world. Salmon fishing, white-water rafting, glacier hiking, and panning for gold are a few of the experiences Alaska has to offer.

Hawaii – Hawaii’s islands are sure to please everyone in the family! Sightsee on the Island of Kauai. Take an outdoor adventure trailing Molokai. Find solitude and rejuvenate on Lanai. Wander the rainforest in Maui. Watch a volcano erupt in person! Hawaii is waiting for you to discover all of its hidden treasures.

Mediterranean – Cruising in the Mediterranean allows you to take that backpacking trip through Europe that you always wanted to – without the backpack. There are several ports to start from but if you are looking to fit in the most countries in the least amount of time you may want to start in Barcelona, Spain. Next, find a package that stops in a few of your dream European cities. Indulge in French cuisine while visiting Marseille, soak up the sun on the beaches of Monaco, and plan a Roman Holiday all in the same week.

Down the Rhine – Why limit a cruise to the open water when you can navigate the most historic and luxurious parts of the world by river? Cruising down the Rhine allows you to see Europe in a whole new light. You can take a hike in the Black Forest, tour awe-inspiring castles, indulge in traditional Swiss fondue, and even take a cooking class in France. A cruise on the Rhine can satisfy any foodie or history buff.

South Pacific Islands – The South Pacific Islands offer the ideal vacation for beach lovers outside of the traditional tourist destinations. Cruising in the South Pacific can take you to private islands, pirate shipwrecks, and perfectly clear water. These unique attractions are mixed with night-life on lively islands like Fiji, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. Skip the typical cruise and go have a different kind of island adventure.

THIS guest blog was written by Freedom Travel, specializing in vacation planning and travel services for military members. Freedom Travel offers military cruise specials to top destinations around the world.


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