Travel is the Phoenix that elevates you above the commonplace, to soar on the currents of astonishment!

Hence, astonishedXpression.

strahov monastery prague czech republic

A cosy, informal guest house for like-minded travellers to gather and explore the wonders of the world.

Whether you prefer to meet in the study, for in-depth travel analysis; the living room, for a luxurious interlude; the basement, for budget advice; or the kitchen, for authentic international cuisine, astonishedXpression intends value-adding to your every travel need.

Welcome to the house! I hope you have a pleasant visit!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a pageSaint Augustine

So who am I?

I am an independent traveller with a passion for photography. I like to share experiences that make an impression on me through the written word in the hope that others may find it useful and enriching.

I have a tertiary qualification in journalism and public relations and have been employed as reporter and communications expert. I currently work as manager in a service-related industry.

I have resided in two countries and visited most of the continents.

Happily married with an adult son who is currently studying overseas.

I love animals and share our home with a Newfoundland, St Bernard, Clumber Spaniel, Burmese, Bengal, Somali and ‘Domestic Shorthair’!



    • Nadia, that’s a cross I have to bear as well. However, I am sure you are amply compensated by the wonderful reds from Bordeaux, Bourgogne and the Cote du Rhone, as well as florally whites from Alsace! How fortunate to be living in the Dordogne!

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